Cushillo look to the Future with the Launch of New Mobile Website.

With our imminent birthday this month, not only will we be celebrating four years at Cushillo Personnel, we also bring the news of the launch of our mobile friendly website!

As an online Recruitment company, we always pride ourselves on delivering a cost effective and quality service through our advanced modern solutions and innovation.  By developing our technology and systems, we are able to connect with our candidates and clients more efficiently and deliver Cushillo Personnel’s message directly to our customers.

With over 70% of the UK’s population owning a smartphone, Cushillo Personnel are always looking of ways to connect to our customer faster and easier. Not only does it provide a quicker influx of information for our potential clients on the go, but it also improves the chances of candidates looking for opportunities by keeping up to date with our latest job vacancies.

The launch of our new mobile friendly website will enable us to improve our engagement with our customers whilst keeping it flexible for them as well as being more responsive as a company. Today, nearly a quarter of all online activity takes place from mobile devices. According to reports, by 2015 mobile devices will surpass laptop computers in online usage, making the benefits of mobile websites clear to see, particularly Recruiters.

Through taking further action into modernising our company, Cushillo Personnel hope that our portability and mobilisation partnered with our established online presence and ethos will add to our strong customer rapport and overall invaluable service.

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The Tax Office Investigates the British Recruitment Industry.

The time is coming for our Industry to tidy up its act…..

In late 2012 the story broke of thousands of UK based temporary workers being employed by overseas intermediaries including umbrella companies. Increasing numbers of companies and employment businesses are using employment intermediaries to disguise employed workers as self-employed. The main reason for doing this is to avoid the agency being obliged to pay 13.8 per cent employer National Insurance Contributions (NICs), administer PAYE and provide other statutory employment rights.

In many cases, the worker is unaware of the arrangement. The employment intermediary will often take a fee of up to £25 per week – which can be mistaken for compliant tax deductions (leaving a rude awakening for the worker at the end of the year). In some instances the worker is effectively forced to accept ‘self-employment’ as a condition of employment.

In the recruitment sector, HMRC is concerned that temporary workers are either treated as falsely self-employed or working through overseas businesses, the result of which is payment of insufficient PAYE or national insurance and the loss of secondary (employers) national insurance. As a result HMRC is ramping up its anti-tax avoidance legislation and compliance activity.

Jason Connon – Managing Director of Cushillo Personnel commented “I have argued for a long time the use of offshore / onshore intermediaries have created an unfair playing field for ethical and professional companies such as ours within the recruitment Industry. The avoidance of not paying their temporary workers National Insurance Contributions or paying secondary (i.e. employer) national insurance contributions nor deducting appropriate tax and NICs from temporary workers’ pay along with some companies also charging up to £25 each week for a payslip is surely boarding on criminal and is certainly not “ethical” in my own point of view.

But I also have to also ask the question of the companies that are happy to use these recruitment firms whether knowingly or not knowingly. I would urge all employers of temporary staff to also take a responsibility for the welfare of its temporary workforce and help prevent the exploitation of temporary workers.

I know of many household names and large corporate employers who currently engage agency workers via recruitment firms who use the “false the self employment model” and many I believe simply turn a blind eye as they are just interested in profit margins, ie the minimum costs to hire temporary workers rather than the welfare and rights of its temporary workforce.

If we are truly going to change our industry then we need to work in closer partnership with our clients. I would encourage all employers of temporary staff to check with their current agency supplier which payment model they currently operate for their temporary workers. Check if they currently pay NI contributions and Holiday pay to their temporary staff? Are they also entitled to other statutory benefits such as SSP?

Your company brand and reputation surely is of the most importance and by working with a professional company such as Cushillo Personnel who treat all their temporary workers fairly & ethically by making sure all statutory payments are paid to its temporary workforce and also to HMRC, we can help protect your company brand and image.

My own personal views on the new legislation is that it has been needed for a long time and I hope this helps tidy up our Industry Image. Yes supply rates will probably need to go up to the end users that currently engage temporary workers using the current false employment model, but so they should to ensure temporary workers are treated fairly and paid correctly.

More information on the pending New Onshore/Offshore Intermediaries tax rules due to come in on the 6 April 2014 can be found on the following link.

Hopefully this is the next step in creating a level playing field for all ethical recruitment companies such as ours and stopping unfair arrangements that treat temporary workers unfairly.


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Christmas Brings The Increase In Temporary & Permanent Staff.


With the Christmas season upon us, it’s no surprise that people are willing to spend again, and whilst the economy strengthens with the yuletide build up, Cushillo Personnel predict there will be an inevitable rise in the need for temporary and permanent staff within companies.

According to the latest Jobs Outlook survey from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, two thirds of bosses want to grow their permanent workforce in the upcoming three months; making a job not just for Christmas, but for the future.

With this in mind, the demand for agency staff is up 9% from last month, therefore highlighting more opportunities for both temporary and full time permanent work.

Kevin Green of the REC, said ‘There are signs that consumer confidence is returning and that people are beginning to spend again because demand for workers is outstripping supply in the logistics and hospitality sectors. The rise in consumer confidence is also likely to impact on job fluidity as increased opportunities in the jobs market will allow people to take the next step in their career’.

The REC Survey reported the following statistics:

• In the next three months, two thirds (66%) of bosses plan to increase their permanent workforce (up eight percent from the previous month).
• Looking further ahead over the next year, more than half of employers (52%) plan to increase their permanent workforce (also up 2%).
• In the next three months 45 per cent plan to increase their use of agency workers (up 9% since last month).
• 30% of employers plan to increase their use of agency workers over the next 4-12 months.

The REC survey reported 30% of employers wish to grow their workforce by using recruitment agencies in the coming months. With the economy stabilizing and consumers more willing to spend, it’s inevitable that there will be more job opportunities, ultimately leading to businesses reaching out to Recruitment agencies to fill these necessary roles.

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UK Economy Growth




Economic growth in the UK during the second quarter of the year has been revised up to 0.7% by the Office for National Statistics.

The initial estimate, released in July, suggested gross domestic product, the UK’s economic output, had risen by 0.6% from the previous quarter, after figures showed it grew in the three months to June.

The ONS said ‘the revision reflected small upward adjustments to the estimated output of several industries.

The data also showed that export demand played a major role in driving growth.

Compared with a year ago, GDP in the three months to June was 1.5% higher.

The latest revision adds to evidence that the UK economic recovery may finally be gaining momentum after almost four years of stagnation since the 2008-09 recession ended.

The ONS wish to feed us with encouragement through their figures, with hope of changing our mindset resulting in a change of our attitude towards our spending, with hope of reducing inflation with the more we spend. 

The 0.7% rate matches the pace recorded during the third quarter of 2012, when the economy was buoyed by the London Olympics, which was itself the fastest growth rate since 2010.

The BBC’s Business Correspondent Ben Thompson: “This is a sign that the recovery is balanced”

However, the ONS cautioned that the current rate of economic growth was still well below the rate experienced during previous recoveries from recessions since 1945 – during which the economy has typically enjoyed a short burst of growth as it caught up with its pre-recession level.

The revised data confirmed that all four major sectors of the economy – services, industry, agriculture and construction – had expanded during the three months to June.

However, only the service sector has grown steadily since the 2008-09 recession ended, while the UK’s manufacturing sector had previously continued to contract.

The latest index of service sector activity, also published by the ONS, showed output in the sector was 2.8% higher in June than a year earlier, led by financial services, and hotels and restaurants.

The Office of National Statistics publicise these figures as an act to encourage our spending, and ultimately heighten morale.  As we bring our nation slowly back to a comfortable economy, our financial and business growth will result in more stability and job opportunities, through consistent input & output, as well as employment sectors increasing. With these on the rise, as well as business confidence growing, firms will be looking to employ within their companies and the demand for recruitment companies will be inevitable. 

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Business Confidence Statistics Beneficial For Recruitment

With the increase in the manufacturing, construction and service sectors, the UK is seeing a gradual rise in business as well as our optimism. With the individual firms showing a steady rise, there’s no surprise in showcasing our business confidence is at its highest since May of last year.

The growth in these specific firms means a rise in employment and recruitment. With the broadening markets increasing, the manufacturing, construction and services departments will encourage more people to depend on recruitment, knowing there are more potential job opportunities available to them.  

Although the sectors are reaching exciting levels, unfortunately they are a fraction below the level which indicates the economy is expected to grow; an interesting, somewhat contradictory suggestion. Confidence and attitudes are changing, yes, but although an increase is being shown, the overall economy growth is coming up short, suggesting UK consumers are still wary of spending money post-recession, as well as the unpredictability of the Eurozone, amongst other reasons.

Award winning Accountancy and Business Advisory firm, BDO, follow the changing attitude with The Optimism Index, which has shown to have grown higher in the last five months, consecutively.  Peter Hemington, partner of BDO, commented on the increase.

“While it’s encouraging to see confidence continuing to improve, we should be mindful of the zig-zag trend that has characterised UK business confidence since 2008.”

“Periods of improved confidence have ended before growth has really begun to get going.”

BDO’s Optimism Index which predicts business performance two quarters ahead, moved up for the fifth consecutive month in June from 93.6 to 94.3, a 13-month high.

Meanwhile, BDO’s Output Index, which looks at sales predictions in the short-run, increased for the fourth consecutive month to 94.9 in June from 94.4 in May.

With the steady increase in certain sectors looking to encourage The Optimism Index, the UK looks to be slowly heading in the right direction to a bright financial future, yet although there may be a change in our attitudes as a nation; this ultimately is yet to make enough of a change on the figures, which is needed to add further encouragement and help continue to rebuild a stable and growing British economy.  

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UK Manufacturing Growth


With the British economy slowly strengthening, news of the manufacturing sector growth being at a two year high, will no doubt add to the optimism needed to bring the country back on its financial feet.

A survey in June showcased figures to highlight our gradual economic recovery.  It was revealed that The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) increased to 52.5 last month, showcasing its highest level since May of 2011, any results that are showing  above 50, indicates a significant boost in that sector.  The figure only amplifies the further successes in the UK economy growth, increasing the positivity, especially with recent data being released; showing the general economic growth in the UK has risen by 0.3% in the first three months of this year. Other important data suggests the services and construction sectors are now stabilising, therefore showing further indications of strengthening and growth within other important areas.

Senior Economist, Rob Dobson of Markit, said he now expected a Gross Domestic Product growth in the second quarter of the year, predicting it to rise 0.5%.

‘The near-term outlook for output also remains on the upside’.

Markit declared that manufacturing production levels were reported to have increased at their quickest rate since April 2011, whilst new business managed to increase at the fastest pace since February of that same year.

May’s PMI reading was also revised up to 51.5 from 51.3.

Further adding to other sectors picking up, the encouraging news from the Bank of England declaring mortgage approvals hit a three and a half year high in May of this year ultimately shows the property market is also on a steady increase.

David Tinsley, UK economist at BNP Paribas comments, “As Mark Carney takes up his position these data flow confirm two trends that have been developing in the UK”.

“First the manufacturing sector looks to be in better shape. Second the housing market is picking up.”

“For Mr Carney the question is whether the improvement in the activity data is strong enough and whether it will prove enduring.”

Not only has the manufacturing and housing market grown, figures show the incline in the Construction sector along with them. Numbers declare 51.0, from 50.8, highlighting an increase from May of 2012; the highest it’s been since last year.

“The improvement in overall construction output simultaneously raises chances of strong second-quarter UK GDP growth, and reduces the likelihood of imminent additional policy stimulus from the Bank of England,” said Tim Moore, Senior Economist at Markit.

From a Cushillo Personnel point of view, with one of our divisions on the increase, this can only bring good things to, not only us, but the future of manufacturing recruitment. Having an abundance of candidates with extensive manufacturing experience with the job market as it is, has been a struggle. With the statistics growing, the gradual change is welcome news for the manufacturing businesses, people in the industry and recruiters.

With such a steady increase in figures, it’s no wonder numerous sectors are looking to a bright future. With the statistics on the rise, we can only hope the manufacturing sector can cause a ripple effect amongst others, which will begin a gradual incline in business and recruitment, ultimately encouraging substantial economic stability and growth in the UK.

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Cushillo Personnel’s 3rd Birthday!

This month, Cushillo Personnel will be celebrating our third Birthday!

We are proud to be celebrating 3 wonderful and busy years supplying our unique and modern, modular recruitment services to clients throughout The Black Country, Staffordshire and Shropshire regions. Cushillo Personnel have always prided themselves on giving the most impeccable services to both candidates and clients, adding that professional and personal touch along with our cost effective and technology led ethos, ultimately helping to drive down the cost of recruitment.

‘Modern recruitment solutions that reduce our clients costs per hire’.

With our specified online modular services and modern edge candidate management system, our unique and predominantly online structure allows us to utilise the power of the internet, adding convenience and innovation to our appeal.

With our Birthday underway, we want to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and candidates for choosing Cushillo Personnel, not only in a professional capacity, but also to show our appreciation in a personal way…

We Thank You!

Offer:  As part of our third birthday celebrations, we will be offering all clients an additional 10% discount off any of our recruitment services. For more information, please visit our website or call one of our team on 01384 226063 (Quote: Birthday offer).

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New Employment Legislations May Prevent Job Growth

1ST October 2013 will see the increase in minimum wage for all hourly workers in the UK. As a result of the devastating impact of the recession, unemployment hit an all time high in 2011 and continues to maintain those figures to this day.  A glimmer of hope to many is seen through the government’s decision to increase the hourly rate, yet with SME’s still recovering from the blow of the current financial climate, businesses are worried as to how this decision will affect their companies on a daily basis.

An increase in employer’s wages ultimately means a sacrifice elsewhere. SME’s can only sit and wait to see how this new regime will affect the stability of their companies.  Adjustments will have to be implemented which could result in a cut-back in employee work hours. The irony is evident; as an employee, how do you reap the benefits in an increase in wages, when there are no hours to work? Not only could there be a huge reduction in hours, but some businesses could retract new staffing altogether, adding to the unemployment figures further.

Additional adjustments would have to be applied to avoid financial insecurity within companies. In order to balance the financial output, they would have to gain more through their income; therefore businesses would have no other choice but to reduce employee benefits and charge higher prices to restore the equilibrium.

Jason Connon, Managing Director from Cushillo Personnel commented “ Our own industry has seen a raft of new legislations introduced over recent months, from the introduction of AWR regulations, RTI payroll, pension reforms and now the pending increase in the cost of employing staff.

All these add additional costs to business and could have a potential impact on our UK flexible temporary labour market. The recruitment industry currently generates a turnover in excess of £19.7 billion and places 1 million people into temporary jobs each week in every sector of the labour market, as well as a significant number of permanent placements.

In my opinion, it is critical The UK must maintain a flexible workforce and the advantages it creates for businesses, individuals and the wider economy.  Imposing overly burdensome regulations on businesses remains a real concern for our clients and how they will cope with the new responsibilities in the current climate of fragile economic recovery.

Whilst all good recruiters want to see workers paid fairly for the important contribution they make. The increased administration and tracking required by the recent AWR and Pension regulations presents the most significant challenge our industry has ever faced.

This is another challenging area of regulations which will create new costs for recruiters and employers, especially since for the purposes of these reforms; recruiters are considered ‘employers’.

This swathe of regulation and the complexities it creates with regards to workers who change roles frequently must not be underestimated. The pressure on margins and the administration of enrolling and then un-enrolling workers, will be another significant cost to employing temporary staff.

It is important we foster modern work place practices and offer valuable flexibility to workers, ultimately, the UK workforce can only develop if businesses have the freedom to grow and create jobs, and so the impact of any new regulations must be carefully weighed up.

While the pressures of inflation are affecting many people, including the lowest-paid, the scale of recent legislation and pay rises, adds significantly to business costs, most of all by contributing to overall employment costs for employers.

The fear is, it will make some employers less inclined to hire additional members of staff. Put simply, it could lead to more people out of work, as employers will have no choice but to take on fewer staff to do the same work.”

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New Team Members Join Cushillo Personnel


With a fresh and innovative approach to recruitment, Cushillo Personnel were in need of some fresh faces to add to their appeal.  This week, we welcome two additions to our team.

With an extensive background in managerial and executive roles, Earl is our newest member of the group filling the role of Recruitment Consultant, handling the Accountancy Division.  From gaining endless experience whilst working with Barclays within varied roles over 3 years, his finance know-how was challenged on a daily basis with customer queries, a role Earl relished in; not just to showcase his banking knowledge but also his enthusiasm, energy and incomparable customer service skills. Previous customer account management experience with SuperFast IT, where Earl excelled at Business Networking gaining new clients trust, gave more scope to his already growing networks, connections adding value and business growth. Cushillo Personnel feel Earl’s understanding of the finance sector, partnered with his wealth of customer engagement will be perfect for Cushillo Personnel’s recruitment service, adding perpetual professionalism and that personable touch.

Another addition to Cushillo Personnel, is our new Marketing Consultant. Charlotte accounts her internships in London and Birmingham amongst her strongest marketing experience.  With a background in Journalism, Charlotte wished to keep that strong writing connection with a career in PR. Her experience in a highly regarded PR agency in the heart of London meant she built a strong database of prestigious connections in the publication world. Not only did she implement professional links, but she headed numerous campaigns to strive the clients business forward. Drawing from her skills as PR and Marketing Assistant in a rapidly growing online fashion magazine, its clear her online social marketing and offline ambition will only push Cushillo Personnel’s brand awareness and strive the company forward.

Jason Connon, Managing Director for Cushillo Personnel, commented “Our Company has grown organically over the past 3 years, in what has been a challenging and competitive market. Our innovative & modern online recruitment solutions are adding real value to our clients in this challenging job climate and the investment in additional skills within our company will help us continue to grow our brand, market share and services.”

“I would like to welcome both Earl & Charlotte to our team and look forward to them enjoying an exciting and prosperous career within our company.”

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Check out our page via Google+ to stay u

Check out our page via Google+ to stay up to date with latest news and opportunities with Cushillo Personnel!

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